Cows And Other Stuff

1)i think they should add cows to Rust also make it drop Cow Hide and also be able to make Cow Hide Armor with it and also make it drop Raw Steak and when cooked Cooked Steak.

2)also they should make it so when a air drop happens it has a 10% chance of dropping bombs or a 5% chance of crashing and having a huge bunch of really good loot.

3)Also you should add Moose.

4)Also you should make it so u can research a research kit but make it so the research kit is hard to make like it uses 50 paper or something like that.

5)Add Single player (so if people just want to do the building part of the game)

6)Add LAN Servers

7)And Add female characters so we can see there Va J Js and there Boobies and make it so when they get hurt they make a sex sound and make it so when they run there boobs jiggle.

8)Make it so the Penis sizes on the men Vary

9)Add More player models

10)Be Able to make your own player models

11)Make the game mod compatibility.

12)More Maps

13)Be able to make your own maps

***those are all my ideas let me know what u think of them

8)Make it so the Penis sizes on the men Vary

The only one I like is the moose.
But I think all games could benefit from 1000 pounds of pissed off antlers.

How’s that?

And add diamond swords and lava! I also want the ammount of male pubic hair to vary!

So ya’ll aren’t real good with sarcasm I see.

Winner of the most retarded post all week. Go back to runescape to please.

please go back to school for a grammar test Please

I don’t see anything wrong with his grammar, but yours is atrocious.

How about get a life… stop telling people to play other games just because you don’t agree with what they would like to see in the game. Please stop being a huge ass douche bag… or how about if you can’t play nice with someone who has not being a dick get off the net and learn some social skills? asshole

Dude. I read your post once and found about 10-15 mistakes. I read his about 5 times without finding any mistakes…

‘‘Go back to runescape to please.’’ do u not find anything wrong in that

i like the idea of being able to host a local lan server. Off course not a priority, but i don’t see the problem with that