Coyboys western?

I’ve never seen any Western models here. We have future, midevil and pretty much everything but western cowboys. =
Possible if someone could create?

I think this may have a few Cowboys in it


There’s one in here

It still has models…

For GMod11.

Future yes, medieval? Not really no.
Only what little has been imported from other games and mods.

The only good medieval models I’ve seen are the ones I got from Aoc and Dark Messiah.
And just like those, I’ve got my western models from Fpsbanana and Fistful of Frags mod.

If you don’t know how to add models from mods in to your gmod.
It’s your own problem and you can shut up, because there are no “western” models per say.

The only western models I’ve seen made by a user are a cowboy hat, a golden revolver and a holster made by Dav0r something like 5 years ago.
And those were all ugly already back then.

I guess that’s why I rely on mah photoshop.

You’re an idiot, you know that right.
The models were made for source, They will work with any version of Garry’s Mod.

And dunno if its warez or not(If it is, then disregard my post entirely), but you can always just copy paste the materials and models from a mod folder into your Gmod, and erase everything else.

How would mod content be warez?
It would only be warez if you had to purchase the mod.

Get the Fistfull of Frags mod, that’s got a bunch of cowboys and those era weapons in it.

I mean that its their stuff, it was made by them and sometimes its copyrighted(Not that you paid for it, but its theirs and maybe they dont want you to use the models without having the mod installed or something).

I was just saying, pardon me if I’m wrong.

I’m making this character:


Considering most of your models, that picture is probably a render.

That will be epic.

I hope that model is released and not canceled.
“My mistake, FOUR coffins. scratches cheek

“The Man With No Name”. I hope you actually make this, instead of cancelling it. This would be awesome in GMOD.

It made me think Ezio, only bad-ass.
I feel bad now.