cp_2dock (WIP)

So I had an idea for a map that combines the capture point and king of the hill gamemodes, and this is the result;


The idea is, that it starts out at KOTH, the losing team has to defend their base the next round, if they succeed it defaults back to KOTH, if they lose the winning team has to defend their base.
It’s far from finished, and I still have no idea how to make the actual gamemode part work, so far I can only get KOTH to work, and the cap point mode, but I can’t figure out what entities I need to make koth transition into cap point and than back after the defending team wins.

I’ve also designed the bases so that they’re different visually, the BLU base is dark, cold, and uniform, while the RED base is bright, warm, and lively.

I’ve love to hear some constructive criticism on this map, I love working on it and I’d really like to finish it, but I think some areas might be imbalanced or ugly, I also have no idea how to make the gamemode transition after one team wins or loses.

2nd photo
Antigravity house

It’s not done. :v:

Trust me it won’t be floating in space forever.

That would be lame. This is TF2, stop being real :v: