cp_shipyard (TF2 Capture Point map. Working title.)

Been working on this CP map for some time now. The title is cp_shipyard, although this is still a working title. It might be the final title, but I’m not sure yet. If anyone has a better suggestion, go for it. Should I pick it, I’ll be sure to add your FP/Steam name on the credits billboard. (Which will be on a small island far out into the 3D skybox sea. I don’t want it to be a central piece in the map, since that is dumb.

Here’s the lay-out of the map.

A: RED spawn.
B: RED final control point.
C: Neutral control point, RED side.
D: Neutral control point, centre.
E: Neutral control point, BLU side.
F: BLU final control point.
G: BLU spawn.

And here are some in-game pictures to clarify the crappy lay-out. Remember, it is a Work In Progress, so it’s still empty. It’ll have more containers, some cranes, eye-detail stuff, more railings, billboards, and a neat 3D skybox featuring part of a city.

RED final control point building.

BLUE final control point building.

RED side.

Central building will be supported over the water. Or I may make a large ship, remove the bridges, and stuff the central control point on there.

Wow, that actually looks really good, don’t have any suggestions for a name though, I think a large ship would be cool instead of a central building.

I’ve already started the base hull of the ship. I think I’ll just turn this map into some form of off-shore loading island. It’ll have a looooong road leading away from it, with a city skyline in the distance.

This prevents large ships from having to come too close to the shore, and pollute the waters there… or something.

Thanks for the comment anyway. :3

Sounds good man, I really don’t know why any of the viewers of the thread haven’t posted, it’s actually really pretty to look at :v:

Looking good man, will be watching this carefully :v:


He’s your’s now [haWx]

Thanks Swifter :v:


One back mate :h:

Almost finished the RED spawn. Once done, I’ll port it over into a BLU version, and stuff them in the map, then continue with the ship. Once that is done too, I’ll sync both sides, and release a beta… I think.

:siren:For those that just want to see it for themselves for whatever reason.:siren:


The building in photo 1 is a little blocky, try and work on that.

What happened to the skybox?

Yeah, I noticed. I’ll build out an extension with a triangular roof, to remove blockyness. Thanks.

And the skybox got messed up because VRAD crashed. It happens on my Vista x64 at random times. :sigh: Also the reason the last pics did not have any HDR.

Get this map tested before you put more work into it…

That and this looks nothing like TF2 style.

Good idea. I’ll block out the rest, lay out the control points, and put it up on my friend’s TF2 server, so I can test it with some friends.

And yeah, I noticed it lacks the TF2 look… But then again, I wasn’t really going for that.

Looks cool, I’ve few fav sentry spots already <3 It will be brillant ! You have to finish it or I burn your house… I DARE YOU !

Cp_2port. Original right?

Make it a marina or something, like the little offshore things on Simcity.

The interiors are awesome but the exteriors need more detail.

This kind of location needs wooden barrels on the docks, nice progress so far.

Aaha, I actually like that name. To hell with originality. :v:

And yes, I’ll be focusing on exterior detail today. Meaning containers/barrels/the cranes/additional pylons/stufflikethat.

Thanks for the kindness guys. :buddy:


The map is almost synced up, both BLU and RED sides the same. All five control points are installed, and working. I just need to do the final compile. (Takes up to 10 minutes.)

I also have a server to run it on. I just need to see if there’s interest, before I get it all up and running.

If interest is shown, I’ll be sure to post the server info once it is all set up.

You can always hop into TF2Maps Steam Chat and ask for testers… They will be pretty harsh about it though so expect that.