Cpl. Shepard - Offest Divergence

A custom skin of mine, for a series, if it ever happens. I debated on which face fits Shepard’s, I’m leery about using male_02, but whatever.

Shepard wears a gasmask, silly beans.

love the skin as always, especially the EGA on the pocket, gonna release those by any chance? haha

awesome pose, excellent finger posing.

I’ll include it as a bonus skin for the next major release of the national guard, because it’s been so long.

do i see aliasing problems?

Half Life Squared?

I always pictured Shepard as male_09, but that’s just me. This fits fine. Solid posing…I can’t really find faults with it.

And a powered vest.

Would you wear a gasmask for a day or two? They can get uncomfortable.