Cplorize Models / Hex Ragdolls? Easy Questions

O Hi. ok first of all:
-my english is not very good, (not my native language)
-this is my first forum and thread ever…if I do something wrong, tell me!
-I am not a GarrysMod lover… more a BadComp2, MW2, TrackMania -guy but every now and then, I play HL2DM. this game never gets old …
until today, almost all of my weapons and combines…and more got replaced with stuff from fpsbanana…
why having a normal Spas12 if you can have a Spas12 in HD AND a foldingstock inclusive!! xO

Getting started: my 1st question:
What I found: MetroPolice Skin
-> http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/95929
great replacement, I swear, that blue glows in dark places…
What I want: I dont like BLUE xO… red or green would be great what do i need to change it??
pls tell me step by step if you know.

2nd question:
What I found: breen ragdoll…
-> http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/16352
(just as an example) this is only for gmod 10 and stuff…
What I want: that same ragdoll as a replacement but for one of the male rebels in HL2DM, (allinclusive: selection pic, selectionname etc^^.)
I already asked someone on fpsbanana and he answered me:
“That model is only a ragdoll (it isn’t hexed, which means it has no animations, they are only for recording movies taking pics etc.
I don’t know how to hex models, so I think your out of luck. Sorry. You might want to try asking on the forums”
and my face turned -> xC with over 10 ragdolls (joker,combinegirl,sodliers and more)
He told me, “it isnt hexed”, Do i need to hex it?
How does it work? what tool, prog, etc do i need? Help MEEEEH xO … send me a link or tell me step by step how to do it.
Hmm… I know … you are problably laughin over my questions, arent you?
i swear this is very difficult for me I googled every question, with no answer… pls help me … even if this is a annoying newbie question. thx
Edit: theres a mistake in Title… it supposed to mean COlorize not Cplorize

1: GOogle Photoshop VTF plugin or Gimp VTF Plugin (whichever you use), open the .vtf skin in Photoshop/Gimp and use the color replacement tool in Photoshop (no idea how to do it in Gimp) to change the color of the parts you want. Then save it.

2: Change the name of the skin to the original name that’s on the Breen model.

It really worked… thx

I accidantly choose a player model … i wanted to ask how you can hex a “ragdoll” into a player model… a ragdoll does not own these files like younger breen has … e.g. this

i want to convert him into a hl2dm “male_01” playermodel