cpt keyes from halo1

i was wondering if any one could get me a captain keyes ragdoll because i have the one in his scout uniform and i would like it in his captain uniform plz and thx in advance here is a pic of him

Dude. You just requested a Halo marine.

Take it one step at a time.

srry im going to make a halo vid of the pillar of autumn going down and so these two are the last pieces
cause i already have:
the pillar of autumn
master cheif halo 1
a planet to crash it on
covenent ships
escape pods
spacebuild map
and longswords
and now i have the marine so if anyone could plz make captain keyes or seargeant johnson from halo 1 plz

hey guys plz he is the last one i need plz

Well, I did a bit of searching and found it: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=24331

Maybe you may have missed it when browsing. Hope this helps!

i have that one already i need him in the captain uniform


That bump probably ruined your thread.

What file type, .max .3ds or .obj
And the importer doesn’t import vertex weights 100% so it wont be rigged that well.
If you have xfire add me, Malolo. Because I don’t know how often I’m going to use this forum. I would just upload it now but I need to close a lot of things to open 3ds max. If you don’t have xfire just PM me to remind me.