Last night I was working on a HUD based off of my steam name. It tells you time and date, Health and Armor Bar, The current version, says “Hello Captain”, and If you play Garry’s Mod too long it will shoot a message into the Chat box saying “GO OUTSIDE FOR A WHILE!”. It also has screen effects when damaged. Im currently adding a kill counter and Ammo bar. But I did have one question for you guys, How would I go about making some kind of function that tells you the class name for a NPC?


Please suggest things for me to add. This isn’t finished yet so it looks kind of weird.

If you need developer help with your question and future questions, you are best off creating a thread in the developer support section. There are functions on finding entity details declared in the Wiki. Good luck with the hud though.

Alright Thanks

To get the classname of an npc, just use ent:GetClass()

Also nice work for a start.

Looks pretty basic but I’d like to see what you can do with this, good luck!

Something like this:
local npcs = ents.FindByClass(“npc_", "monster_”)

So that veins thing is just this yeah?

or did you actually make it?

Veins are most likely from the Morbus gameode, its the only thing I have seen it used before.

Another up and coming “coder”.
This looks very simple, but ‘A’ for effort I suppose.

The guy who has the near death effect, or “Veins” as you call it, for sale on coderhire is the creator of Morbus.

If only we all didn’t know that to begin with.

You sir are a winner.
Thinking that your 2-minute hud deserves a thread.

As a rule of thumb, showing off glitches and then trying to fix it in the video is probably something you don’t want to post.

It’s only a update glitch “appearently”

I actually got the veins from WHUD. a old garrysmod.org addon. But the code was not from morbus.

Oh its you ? The man who add codders and say

“elo plz code fr my gememod thx bai”

LOL!? I never said that. All I did was ask you if you wanted to help me,PredatorCZ,DrVrej,ect in our gamemode.