CPU 90%

Hi, we have a server and we see that our server is overloaded. “htop” (monitoring on debian) say that gmod take 97% of our i7-4790K.

That’s the list of our addons:

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PS: Sorry for my english, I’m french

Whats your tickrate?

If you’ve got over 30 slots with that amount of addons I’d recommend you drop your tickrate to 33 or 16 if you haven’t already.

Hold on, how is it taking 97% of your CPU? I don’t think SRCDS could use more than one core.

I’m waiting the owner (Lord) to copy the config here so that you can check our config…
We have ticketrate 33 in our startup options

Hi guys, i’m the owner of the server.

So, we have a problem, the server is lagging when we reach over 40+ players at same time.

That’s the configuration of the dedicated server: http://puu.sh/jI5As/36f780e4ee.png
We have 250 Mbps of connection.
That’s the htop (linux debian) on our server: http://puu.sh/jI5Uk/4a4dff6b46.png

And that’s the server.cfg : http://pastebin.com/LEDe8Z29

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’m going to assume that you’ve got an addon doing a really expensive calculation, something inside of a think hook or an ents.FindInSphere.

Can you post a screenshot of you with net_graph 2 when the server is lagging, might help to narrow down the issue.

You cant use 97% of that cpu with gmod. Are you running something else on the server or asspulling the number?

Ok thanks I’m going to do that.

That’s the new server.cfg

// Co du serveur
sv_minrate “0”
sv_maxrate “”

sv_minupdaterate “”
sv_maxupdaterate 66

sv_mincmdrate “”
sv_maxcmdrate “66”

net_maxfilesize 30
decalfrequency 10

fps_max 600

We can now accept 60+ players with no pinglags but the CPU is supercharge (90%,100%)

The net_graph 2 with this configuration:


-> We have pinglags when >55

What you are saying is NOT true, you CAN’T use 97%/100% of that cpu with gmod

Also change to:
sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 100000
sv_maxupdaterate 33
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 32
sv_mincmdrate 32

Doesn’t mean a task manager app won’t report that to be the case, with the thread swapping quickly between cores etc.

I’ve seen it report 90-100% on quad core systems if you look at overall CPU usage.

It’s what is writed on htop. But why do we have 8 fps and high pings when >55 players?

I highly doubt, running 1 gmod server and linux. When someone says 90-100% CPU usage I take for granted that they mean constantly if not said otherwise.

What about the server, windows service packs, steam etc. Your saying everything else on the computer is 3%


Linux debian, but here the important problem is the ping of the net_graph…

Could you help us please ?

I think our config file is bad…

The ping is perfectly acceptable if server is far away from you…