CPU Load for linux server.

Hi, I am tormented with such a problem as a large load on the processor on my server.
When the server is present for more than 36 players, on the server 100% of the 100% load on the processor.
I would like to put on the VDI is more than one server, and this problem is impeding.

Server Features:
OS: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
RAM: 8192MB
HDD: 150GB
CPU: 4x2400MHz

Lua only operates on a single core.
That’s why your server is capping out.

Basically, get a better server.
higher individual mhz per core is better, as again gmod only uses one core for lua.

So your “100% cpu” is actually only 100% of the core it’s using.

Alternatively you can optimize the addons/gamemodes you are using to use less cpu if you can lua.

There are no other options aside from reducing your player cap.

Gmod Lua is not multithreaded, and as far as i know Garry has no plans to add this in the immediate future.

Oh thanks. Can you answer more questions?
If I run 2 servers, they will use a different kernel?
And how can we do so that the server is using a different kernel?
Will server lag if there will be 2 or 3 servers ?

You can set core affinity for each server to ensure they do not overlap.
you may want to look for some linux guides on how to do this for your specific environment.

Google is your friend.

But yeah, no, in general 4 cores will mean 4 servers but you may want to leave the last core as overflow for other background o.s tasks.

I can not find any guidelines.
Google one love.

You’re not googling hard enough.