cpu loads & video memory

How come since the last 2 updates that my cpu load is just 32% and my videocard is loaded @ 2,8gb @ 1250mhz memory speed and 1000mhz core speed.

I have a E8500 cpu (dualcore) wich never has been a problem ( loaded 95%) the stock freq is 3,16 Ghz … i have it running at 4,1 Ghz.

That cpu load is driving me nuts cause i only have 8fps now when playing (somehow Rust loses grip on my system)( when loading Rust it uses 100% on cpu load)

I did a full benchmark and systemscreening, replaced all my drivers, (this has NO effect at all for Rust).

Benchmarks show me that my system is running fine!

Somehow Rust is not capable on DualCores anymore?

I will try to disable speedstep to see what will happen. [edit] No solution


I run the game @ dx9 and it runs smooth for 15 minutes, then i get a crashreport, where do i send that to??