CPU Priority

I’m using Leagueservers(.com) for my server.
It’s going to be RP, not build. Is it worth the money for high or realtime CPU priority, or should I just stick with normal?

Get a non shitty server host (or DIY) as that is really oversold.

Think about it, if some guy who paid for “premium” is using 70-100% of the CPU then everything you are doing comes to a standstill and that will happen.

Do you know of any other good hosts? I need the cheapest one I can get, and it has to go to at least 40 slots. 66 tick preferred.

I doubt you will find any good host for that. The CPU is going to be shared and it will lag no matter what.

I strongly advise you to build your own server and colocate, or rent a dedicated server. Or just host from home if you have a business class connection (or a connection that can support the server).

Problem is, I don’t have a good enough connection, and I don’t have a server except for that old laptop running an Urban Terror server. Colocation and a dedicated server both cost too much.

Wait, are you the darksoul I know on Steam?

I looked there. The cheapest one had a max of 16 slots.
But I’ll look again anyway.


MammothGames or Clan Base Live?


You can get dedicated servers for as cheap as $50 a month.

Ok, link me to such a company.

And I don’t want a $50/month dedicated server that’s worse than a $20/month shared server.

How would it be worse?.

Because the only ones I’ve seen so far for less than $75 were basically Centrinos with 1GB of RAM. :confused:

You sound like you know what you are doing, but just be sure you know how to secure/run a windows server and know how to setup/run a srcds installation before you go renting one. If you do, I recommend a windows VPS instead, if you are only going to run one srcds install on it (You don’t need much for one GMod server). For VPS’s I’m using http://www.kickassvps.com right now and I haven’t had any issues so far. I’m sorry if you know what you are doing and think that I’m just assuming you don’t. But I’ve seen people go buy a dedicated server and have no clue how to secure or even run it.

I support KickAssVPS all the way. Brian over there does a, well, kick ass job. Great support, great servers. All around awesome guys.

I have set up and run SRCDS before successfully, yes. VPS = virtual private server, I presume. Explain exactly what this is?

Lol psp, It’s because of you that I’m using them, Brock referred me.

A VPS (sometimes called a VDS) is a virtual machine running a server OS, this makes it so that you can run multiple servers off of one physical server node (your average dedi box). Here’s a wikipedia article:

These come at a cheaper price, but they usually have less RAM and HDD Space as a normal dedi. They’re useful for people like me who want to run their own server, and have the knowledge, but don’t need the power of a normal dedi. The requirement of knowing how to use Windows Server still applies though, or you will have an insecure and inefficient server.

Hmm… Knowing myself, I know that I’m gonna get worn out on the full administration thing, not to mention the cost of the Basic VPS from KickAss is too high for me anyway, and the Entry one is just complete shit. Recommend a good, reliable, fast, non-laggy, cheap shared server company plox.

Here you are: http://cheapvps.co.uk

You can find a list of garrysmod hosts here: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Index_of_Gmod_Server_Hosts

EDIT:If you want a specific recommendation, PM Me.

SrcDS + VPS = Not good things.