CPU, RAM & bandwidth usage of GMod

Are there any solid statistics on the amount of CPU, RAM and bandwidth each slot uses for GMod?

I’m trying to make an informed decision on which dedicated server I should buy, but with no statistics available without just getting a dedicated server, it isn’t very easy.

I need this dedicated to run the website, a lobby gamemode with 64 slots, two CPU heavy prop based gamemodes with 24 slots each, and an NPC heavy RPG gamemode, 32 slots.

Unfortunately, I’m in Australia and therefore need Australian hosting. Having these statistics available would be very helpful.

My current choice is:

* Intel Core 2 Quad 9400
* 4x2.66Ghz Cores
* 500GB Sata Drive
* 1TB Transfer / Month

From $269.00/Month

I can upgrade the RAM to 8GB for $30 a month or 16GB for $70 a month.

I could get a Intel ATX E8500 CORE 2 DUO option, for $60 less per month.

Also, would Windows Server 2003 Std 64bit Edition be good enough?

This is all with http://www.dedicatedservers.com.au/


You’ll probably want to upgrade to the 8GB RAM if you’re going to have a lot of props on those servers. The OS can be web edition if you want, doesn’t really matter. For the best performance you should seperate each gameserver onto a seperate core. However, those prices are absolutely insane. Is that normal over in Australia?

Normal Aussie game server prices:

With quadeye you can’t have GMod servers above 9 slots.

We get screwed like hoes.

Thanks for your advice, if it weren’t for the latency issue between continents, I would be with you guys.

We have people from New Zealand who get 120-150ms ping, which isn’t terribly bad considering the distance. Still not good enough though, I suppose.

Really? That’s perfectly fine to be honest, as long as it’s below 200ms I’m okay with it. I’ll check out your test servers… EDIT: Unfortunately, I get a ping of 240ms, which isn’t really good enough :frowning:

Back to my original question, how much bandwidth does a player use up on average on a GMod server?

Not sure on exacts, but I’ve had an average of 30-40 players over the servers the past few days and its about 25-30GB daily thus far.

So 1TB could fit a max of 150 slots comfortably?

I’d say so.

No. It’s simple bandwidth calculations. Depending on what gamemode you are using and the clients rates, you would get the following:

150x15KB/s (15000 rate) = 2250KB/s (5.5TB per month)

There would also be choke with such a small rate setting.

Granted, this all hinges on the players being on the server 24/7 never leaving.

Yeah if you have a full server there’s no way it could but I doubt all of your slots will all be full 24/7.

The lobby server will not have all slots free to the public, many will be reserve slots for people coming back from the other servers. Obviously, the servers will seldom be full anyway.

host in USA or you will never get any players

Depends. There’s a rather decent amount of people in Australia that do prefer to play on Aus servers due to the ping and whatsnot. I actually looked at colohosting a box out there, and the prices: :psyboom:

(ie, not very cost friendly)

Yea I know my friend told me Australian has some of the best networks in the world and so the prices are very costly.

I recommend limestonenetworks.com if you don’t really care about the ping very much.
Test server running on my box that you can see what the pings are.
The $155/mo. one is the package I got and its Fast, can handle what you have their. Well except it would be a good idea to raise the amount of ram.


Aussie networks are the worst in the world. Even worse than the UK.


there’s nothing wrong with the uk


Backbones are fast, all ISPs are slow.

BT is slow as hell due to there traffic management, Virgin cable and BeThere / o2 are good.

The UK really needs to hurry up and move on from ADSL though.