Crab Synth Ragdoll

Valve didnt give it a ragdoll
so I did

need I explain?

You sir, are cool.

Very cool.

cool :smiley: !
Now… can you do this ! lol jk

you only saw this thing once, for 2 seconds in half life 2. think of how great an enemy that could have been to fight

I’m surprised it took this long for someone to make this.

You, Sir, have done something quite beautiful.


I wonder if those things will be in episode 3 maybe?

Thanks again Shad0w44!

Also TeamMember a guy mapping for Obsidian Conflict made these sounds, recycled from various other npcs:

And I think the Crabsynth should use something like the combine cannon for the minigun:


Hopefully with all these bits and pieces of concept, a new npc can be put together for obsidian conflict.

Thanks a lot for this. :buddy:

Why wait for ep3 for a ragdolled synth when we have this? Winner for ya.

Last time I saw a request for this I said we should just wait until Valve releases in a future game because the quality of this model and it’s textures suck. (As a result of you barely seeing it)

My point still stands to why this wasn’t an awesome idea. I think it’s great that you made it a ragdoll but I mean that IMO it wasn’t worth it since the model isn’t that great.

He may aswell have done it now, at least this way we have a model of it, even if it does have crap textures. It’s better than going a year without one at all.
So I say well done good sir! You get a winner :slight_smile:

I agree, if only someone would make their own unofficial awesome crab synth with better textures.

Ragdoll the Advisor, the one that has been released is really awkward to pose.

but the ep2 advisor dosent even show up in gmod

the combine synth elite soldier?
from raising the bar?

do you honeslty believe valve will pick this model up again?
that pretty optomistic thinking
of course thats assuming hl2 ep3 hasent already been scrapped and weve been given l4d2 to divert attention away from it

How is it optimistic? Chances are they’ll use them as an enemy later, they already have the model and it’s obvious that it’s canon now that they’ve put it into the games.

that dosent mean it will appear again
the only time you see it is in the citidel and since the citidel blew up in ep1 we can assume there all dead