Crackdown Ragdoll

I think having a crackdown agent model would be the pimpness! If you could make me one, could you make it like the Goth Agent, or one of the S.W.A.T. agents from the agent add-on pack? Any help would be great! Also, if you could make a playermodel or an NPC, that would be awesome!

If someone were to go through the physical pain of doing this, I can’t imagine that it would be very good.

Seeing as Crackdown was a thirdperson shooter, the player models were probably pretty low-poly.

Well, i mean, it doesnt have to from Crackdown 1, u could use the one from Crackdown 2, ya kno, the one it always shows in the vids? If any of u could, I’d be thankful

Crackdown 2 (Which hasn’t been released) runs on the exact same engine and uses the exact same system as Crackdown.

Look, no matter what way you go about doing this, it’s going to look terrible.