Cracker Popper

Later than I had planned, but I have been busy with things and the like.

Not a ground breaker by any stretch or means of the imagination but was done as an test to see if I still can make comics after such a long spell away from them.

Less a matter of testing my ability but more my willingness to see it through I suppose, I’m more used to writing for my radio and performance doings as of late that creating something that isn’t as intimidate and mutable feels a little odd to me.

Still I hope you enjoy the spirit if nothing else :slight_smile:



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Funnily enough, the extended break seems to have helped your layout editing, although the speechbubbles still need work, they’re kind of rough around the edges and the text is unnecessarily huge.

That said, it was a very funny short comic! I hope you’ll keep these up, maybe bring some fresh material to the table as well.

It almost feels like this strip evolved from a stand-up joke, but in a good way.

great comic, a little small, but still great!

I wonder if old timer killed his previous cellmate, notice the huge blood spatter on the wall.

Good read, hope you’ll make more. Nice layout, only issue is the size of the speech bubbles/text like Mythos said, tone them down a bit and you’ll have the recipe for a pleasantly readable comic strip! :slight_smile:

Ha, good stuff man. Keep it up!

Oddly enough it kind of is, I was supposed be MCing an event last week and this was on my “oh crap oh crap, the next act is taking too long” list of jokes.