Crackerjam Sims From first person

The following of this is the gamemode I would like coded for about 140$ either pay pal or steam games preferably steam, read and enjoy. Also read the whole thing it makes sense don’t just skimp through its not a fucking sims remake.

Basically I need a gamemode for my server, that is basically sims but kinda more violent but still sims.

also before reading I have 100$ Via Steam games or Paypal you can get as many steam games as long as total is not over 100$ if its 106$ It doesn’t matter, also I can work with lua but my mom is being a furry and sports and school has taken over my life. Also since 100$ is more than one game, I will send the cheaper one then you will send the game mode I will send the other. Similar with paypal 50$ then the other 50$

So here we go!

Infant Stage
-Optional ~ Not required.
-Choose a Value - artistic, mechanical, charismatic
-Choose sex - Male OR Female
-Only 1 Hour.
Very small

Child Stage
-Required For education.
-No choosing values at this point.
-Must go to 20 minutes of gSchool for education.
-Only weapons are melee and cannot damage below 50% and does no harm to adults.
-Can go to Juvenile hall.
-Once Completed gSchool can get a higher paying job
Maximum 7 In-game days or 3 In-game days minimum.

Adult Stage
-Lives “forever”
-Can own property
-Largest inventory 60Kg
-Can use any weapon
-Can get married
-Can make love.

How things work.

Adults can carry a large amount of inventory about 60Kg -Carry many items
Children can carry a small inventory about 10Kg -Lug the tool and physgun to gSchool
Infants have a tiny inventory of about 2Kg -Carry Favorite toy

If an adult runs out of space in his inventory he can store it in the warehouse for 1$ a Kg
Anything can be stored in a warehouse.
Cars are permanent .
Npcs Position like in the bank get saved.
Property is expensive such as 100K for a house but is saved as long as you visit every 40 days if you don’t come back in time the money is transferred with an 15% cut.
Cars are expensive but permanent.

You can just make the inventory without items as long as a template food car and gun are in there. (template)

Also the functions in inventory is Use drop or sell to the market. Use is for food to eat or equip a gun. read more to see the market.

How property works is you buy a property from the bank if you have insufficient funds, then you can get a loan out on if every 5 hours you play you get charged 20% from your salary until it is payed off.

The map with have lots of property as well as a hotel with 30 rooms if no property is not available for some time.

Admins have the ability to revoke property. and or refund it.

lvl 1 Stuns and KO player cheapest guns used by cps for crowd control
lvl 2 Injures a player, either hurting a leg or arm, but not severely.
lvl 3 Injures a player to a point were 911 must be called.
lvl 4 Lethal Force
Clearance 1
Sweps that are not weapons like hands.

~911 Death and Life~
Injury - When a player dials 911 a ambulance will come to pick them up and take them to a hospital, then uses a heal pack.
Death - a derma will come up either a distress signal can be sent out or you can pay Death fees.
–On choosing distress paramedics will come to you and use defibrillators they transport you to hospital after for recovery.
–When you choose death fees it really if no paramedic is on the server its an expensive way to repsawn 700$ If no paramedic is on this is either disabled or free.

Life when you start as a child you start in a orphanage or a hospital if your mom gave birth to you.
How to be born into the game - Join within 30 minutes and a message will come to the first priority mom asking if the player can be a child. if nothing happens to the mom it is a miscarriage.

To “mate” type /mate with a female partner, this gives your player 140 health.

~Earning Cash~

-Fish and selling it
~Fish sents will spawn in certain water you take the fishing rod swep also inventory item. And try to hit them then they appear in your inventory.
-Fixed salary
-Doing hits
Someone can type /hit “nick” money and a hitman can collect
Because of positive effects on men prostitution is easy money.
-Making drugs
Make drugs in a lab and sell the in “The Market”

“The market”

The market is were you can sell items for minimal value instead of player trade, player trade is also enabled.

~Other and quick lists~
-Houses are permanent
-Houses and cars are expensive
-only lvl 4 guns are lethal and are expensive
-The Market is were you can sell any item from your inventory
-Cars are you inventory and are always returned on quiting
-Days are one hour long.
-A week in game is 5 Hours.
-Custom models permitted only if they get auto downloaded
-Only DataStream
-A weather mod including rain and lightning
-Fire if a fire is started it spreads a little bit around itself but cannot spread beyond limits to avoid lag. Rain puts out fire and lightning causes any inventory item caught in the blaze get destroyed.
-Donator system
-based off of sandbox and donaters and admins can spawn props
-Working inventory

-If you just joined and are started you need to
-Make an rp name
-Choose your sex
-Choose a model based on your sex
-Make a description

When finished, it will let you join and a green little check mark will go off in the corner with your name letting you know your signed in.

I might be able to maybe pay 120 or 140. Add me on steam


if your interested.

Also the gamemode is CrackerJam CJ for short. Or if you can make a better name.

Also I made a new thread in the lua section to pickup more coders please close if not acceptable

Is the sims a good enough gamemode to be remade?

This actually has some potential. TBH I typed in “theres sims already gtfo noob” then I read some of your ideas and there really nice.

TBH I would too, because I would think its the sims Im glad you read my wall of text, hopefully someone does the job and i get a very nice gamemode and he gets a wad of cash or some steam games, also its a good offer because you can get 14 10 dollar games, also I don’t take all the credit my and my five freinds have been working on the ideas, Please credit Micheal Yurchak for some of the ideas.