CrackHouseStorys series

One day a bunch of bored assholes thought HEY! lets make a youtube series great idea right?..RIGHT?!

You are missing a video, sir.


You are missing a bunch of bored assholes.

I’m not a asshole, I’m a twat.

you wanna see it? i was more askin a quastion

If you are gonna post a thread in the ideos section, there better be a video unless stated otherwise in the thread title.

and the way you worded the OP sounds like there should be a video under the question.

theres like 23 and 23 is alot want all 23?


theres the first one a bit of fail bu tnot bad


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seeee noo work :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, just a few seconds in after the excessively long opening title and already do I feel like this is a fail.