Crackling audio, microstuttering, random particle lurching in GMod

Windows 7 PC
Fast VSynch through drivers and fps_max 60 as a test, no difference
Audio doesn’t consistently crackle, but it does randomly. When it does, continuous streams of particles are interrupted.


Any help appreciated.

If it just started chances are it’s your headset or PC’s jack.

My old headset (razer kraken) had an annoying buzzing sound to it whenever I launched TF2 or GMod for some odd reason, when I twisted and turned the headphone jack it started then stopped then started then stopped audio was still playing so I knew i didn’t unplug and re-plug it but it was the jack on the PC cause it didn’t work for anything.

I use a USB wireless headset now and the sound issues are gone. But that’s just my personal experience try some other headsets or better yet speakers and if it still continues then it’s more than likely a gmod problem.

The crackling is always linked to frame drops though, happening at roughly the same time

Try getting rid of VSync altogether, and of any forced video settings by the video card drivers.

You might try setting your power settings to performance. Not sure if this will help, but worth a try.
As a last resort you could try removing your drivers for display and Sound and use the default windows ones.