Craft Bench (Simple tweak to crafting time)

So basically i was thinking about a craft bench that significantly decreases your crafting time. Because i find that the crafting time atm is extreme. Metal doors, stairs etc are pretty good. But foundations and roofs takes ages to craft. So a simple craft bench would be great to decrease crafting time! Just a tip.

Yeah we’re having discussions about crafting time, one of the things i was going to do was have it so if you started crafting at a workbench it was like 4x faster than ususal (but cancels if you walk away)

Yeah. It’s basically like a workbench but it affects crafting instead. It would be great to have it ingame. I’m building huge bases whenever i build but it just takes too long. 15 ceilings takes around 14 minutes.

2 words , power tools

One word, no.

that should be the main purpose of the workbench, you should need tools to craft more complicated items. For example the pipe shotgun would require a hammer, screwdriver, and some other metalworking tool.

This is an awesome idea.Absolutly agree it with.

Im just gonna throw this out there, But how about instead of changing on the crafting table. how about a completely new deployable. A toolbox, it would be transportable. when deployed (usually near your crafting table anyway, but could be taken on the go). It would increase your crafting by 1.5 or Whatever amount is fair.

You have the inventory image of the research kit, that’d be great to modify on. you have the ‘‘effect’’ from the workbench, work with that, and you have the ‘‘deployable and being able to pick up’’ thing on the sleeping bag. i can imagine that could make your developping easier?

Yeah something like this would be awesome. I don’t want to be able to throw a m4 together instantly while being raided. Keep it so that crafting actually still leaves you open for attack. But having a larger more evolved base a buff for you.

Bump this idea, when you have a tight playtime with so many things to craft you simply spend 70% of the time idling in your house. I think instant craft is too extreme but actually the time consumption is really too high.