Craft Leveling (Gameplay Idea)

I think a crafting level system would be great.

*Gain “Craft XP” whenever you craft an item
*Some items (M4, C4, etc) would require a certain Craft Level in order to craft.
*Certain Milestones such as lvl 10, lvl 50, lvl 100 could allow the player to earn special abilities such as “Recycle Item at Workbench”, “Add Mod Slot”, or “Crafting Items Quicker”

I will agree with the premise that crafting needs to be more challenging, rewarding, and skill-based…but that’s me.

Or maybe when you craft one item it unlocks a more advanced version. For example, once you craft the stone hatchet you unlock the normal one. Good idea though.

take it easy… let them fix server crash! and the problem now first… then spam new ides

No reason to assume anyone is in a state that requires “taking it easy”. The server crash, along with many other problems have already been suggested. It has been stated that while in alpha all questions, comments, concerns, ideas, and thoughts on game play are welcome.

So if you aren’t going to stay on topic, please don’t waste our time with useless posts.

Sorry to say that but he might be true, why?
It is simple, if you just waste all of your great ideas from now on (that are obviously not doable right now), these nice ideas will fade…
So try to find (I know it is not easy) to find the “right” moment to get these ideas going.
And btw, there was actually other threads about this, so search before creating one.

I really do think these will be implemented and that they are great ideas but let the devs focus on core matter first…


The search feature did not return anything remotely related to this when I tried. Not saying it isn’t out there, just saying I couldn’t find it.