Craft list empty

After the last update, I can not crafting anything, the stone axe either. Any solution?

PD: Solved. They can delete the post.

what did you do to solve this?

No One Will Ever Know.

he found a blueprint I guess.

I am admin of my own server and my craft list is 100% blank not a single thing on it. I use to have everything there but now its all gone. Not even the things I should be able to craft without a blueprint!

I’ve got this issue also but haven’t yet tried to fix it. was going to start with a re verification of the game files as this sounds like client side, not server. I think worse case scenario a uninstall and reinstall would fix, if it sort it out I’ll post here with details of the fix.

I already tried to reinstall the game and my dedicated server (new blank map without Oxide, also without admin rights). Issue is still there.
On each connection to my server or each using blueprints client console says “Unknown blueprint id!514”.

I have the same issue but with id!11914.

One of my admins has had this issue last Sunday, it was resolved/fixed by deleting his profile (the folder) in rust\server\my_server_identity\persistence\players corresponding to his Steam64 ID

Thanks, man!
I found a reason of this issue. If you give yourself blueprint (through console/item list) that doesn’t exist then your craft list will be empty after restart the game. Before restart if you trying to study blueprints then items will not appear in the craft list.

That FIXED it thanks guys for the help!!! :quagmire:

This fix worked for me once… then I messed up and got the same bug again, now the fix doesn’t work for me.

You have to restart server and the game after deleting your profile from “<srv_root>\server&lt;identity>\persistence\players”.