Craftable M4A1 ( additional firearm ingame)

Good evening!

I wanted to stress the opinion of this firearm being placed in-game as a craftable weapon ( not as a airdrop exclusive, like the M249). Personally, I am the more of the M4 guy than the Ak guy. We already have the Ak in the game, so why not release the M4. The M4 family and the Ak family are the most compared and contrasted rifles known… You can walk up to anyone as ask them if they know what an M4 or Ak is. In my opinion having one in-game isn’t complete without the other.

Now I know that working on alternative firearms isn’t the main focus at this time. I’m strictly asking for an opinion on the thought. Also tell me if this was planned for a future update. I’m sure this has been brought up in the past, so tell let me know what happened in that tread, if you saw one.

This was my favorite weapon for sure and i really dont know why its not in this new version i also like the MP5 i wonder if they are going to be introduced

i really hope so

Now, one thing I’m now noticing is that all weapons in the game are " makeshift" sort of say. Making the m4 or Mp5 into some rusty rifle or something or that sort. Bunch of possibilities for M4 or Mp5

i want to see this weapon all patched up , ducked and wooden handguard , M4 and AK are the most known weapons on earth so why not add them , m4 can be accurate and lower recoil but less damage then ak , its all about personal preference , it could fit the game so much

I would like to see automatic weapons with more control besides the Thompson.

So Thompson has more Damage but more recoil and less mag then custom smg so why not add a waistlanded m4 that has less recoil, better accuracy but less damage, perfect fit as I said earlier it’s all in personal preference, afterall it’s an apocalypse you can have every gun that you want and m4 uses 5.56 bullet

Make modern weapons airdrop only uncraftable and everything is great again

nah , m4 should be crafted but like wooden handguard , ducktaped and nailed stock and stuff , only weapon that should be in airdrop is a sniper rifle

I dont know if we need that much Modern weapons in rust currently i would like to have some core gameplay features first that do change player interaction, A proper Hunger system, Stamina Stuff like that, New AI. we dont need about 20 Weapons for each purpose atm. they should focus on some more Survival related items.

The whole point is to not have it in an airdrop. So the Ak and M4 are be close to equal. Ak is a modern rifle, it’s craftable, same should be with the M4. M4 can have a lower damage with higher control and rate of fire. I rarely see people running around with the m249 because it’s so uncommon tha no one wants to risk losing it. I see my group only use it for a base defense…

The Point is a M249 is only obtainable by an Chopper while an Airdrop is a lot more common and dont involves a 5-10minutes long fight to get that weapon. I think you would see a lot more M249 around if they could be a possible airdrop suprise.

I want a M4-A1 S Cyrex which is uncraftable.

You all can’t deny the truth that you all want to see an apocalyptic m4 it’s in your blood, as for bigfoots in dungeons I would like to see that but I had enough of aks and bolt rifles

I dont want this game to be a Sandbox Cod honestly

Ive grown sick of Ak’s and bolts

The devs want to focus more on hand weapons instead of guns, which I would prefer

Figuratively explain what you mean by a hand weapon. Our you talking about melee weapons and such?

I hate when people are too dumb to understand that MORE WEAPONS DONT TURN THIS GAME INTO COD ,its just about more fun and personal preference , its an apocalypse and you got every weapon on your disposal so you can use everything you want , aks and bolts got me sick

And ya know I hate it when people are to dumb to realize that this game is NOT about more weapons,its about survival.

But you need guns to survive