Crafting and expansion speed.

After playing Rust i feel like in sandbox - crafting - deathmatch, not survival game. Acquiring items should be time requiring and complex. In frist day of gameplay you should be able to create simple tools, like stone axe and bow. After few days you should be able to create revolwer and pipeshotgun. Next after week pistol, after two weeks mp5, maybe after three weeks weapons like m4. Next level should be creating atachments. But you should need more resources to create it than metal. Maybe silicon. Metal need to be reforged in to steel etc.
I think first player need to craft many tools, and precies tools to be able to create small parts. For now, player no regret when he die. Dead should be painful, and bases should be harder to breake.

I Rust really will be game about survival with style like in STALKER it need many changes. For it is sandbox - crafting - deathmatch in Mario style :smiley:
I know I know, it’s pre alfa, but opinion of community should be put devs on to the right path!

Wouldn’t it be one bit too punishing to lose three weeks’ worth of stuff to a well-placed bullet? I don’t think an MMO can be this hardcore and still expect a wide enough player base.

(I’d still give it a go if that was the case, but I hardly think it’s optimal for Rust, or any MMO for that matter.)

Eve Online, Wurm Online, DayZ - thats game show you can lose everything, work of weeks in few seconds. I current state, Rust is Deathmatch, not survival.

He has point you know… but from seeing the traps (which i hope is just a beginning) I’m optimistic.

To essence is to don’t make Rust to hard, but make it feel like real survival and when you die it hurt. When i creat M4 you will love this gun and you will protect it all cost, and you won’t lose it!
That’s similiar to DayZ :stuck_out_tongue:

At the current speed of crafting i asking why to surivoros don’t rebuild whole world yet :stuck_out_tongue:

The deathmatch will cease once survival becpmes more difficult. If you struggle to find food and warmth for example you will focus more on helping each others I belive.

But its a bad idea to make the game more time consuming. Ghats what wow does. It sucks.

For now the most time consuming is that, you need to be almost always online to not lost your base. I think guns, attachments etc. should be me more rare and require more unique resoruces.

They will become more rare, right now they’re very common because they have to be readily available to players in order to be tested.

Remember, we aren’t players in an MMO. We’re testers in an alpha.

I remember it well because I am also from game dev :smiley:
But important thing is to give devs hints from community, and players can’t be sure what devs planning se they should talk about ideas.