Crafting Bug?

For the last few weeks now, I’ve been randomly crafting signs, locks, clothing, weapons, paper. It happens as soon as I gather enough materials for something. I’ll gather a few trees worth of wood and then when I open my inventory I’ll have a lock, a few pieces of paper, and barely any wood.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Over 300 hours on current version and never once did I have this kind of problem. Maybe you are clicking accidentally and not remembering?

Nope. Sometimes I start crafting paper while I’m still hitting the same tree.

Havent seen it happen but once I dropped a broken hatchet and it turned into a beancan grenade so I guess anything is possible.

“once I dropped a broken hatchet and it turned into a beancan grenade”

what if… you threw a beancan grenade at someone and a broken hatchet hits them in the head instead…
of maybe you shoot at someone… instead of bullets its medical syringes hitting the guy. godmode

are you on any prescribed medicine or social drugs?

is that really you in your avatar? or is that what you eventually aim to look like with your current in session trans gender change?

You really love Trans Gender stuff don’t you? it’s probably a weird Reverse Psychology thing, you try to point it out in others yet you really are trying to point it out in yourself. It’s sad. why don’t you just admit you wanna wear dresses and collect shoes?.

yes. you got me. i love dresses and shoes. i hear that you have the biggest most extravagant collection of dresses, and your mom buys you shoes like almost everyday. may i borrow some for a short time?

I experience that quite often.
I have the suspicion that it’s something about opening the inventory while hacking on trees or stones.
Or maybe sliding through the craftable stuff with your mouse (keep LMB pressed down and go up or down, then releasing LMB).

Do you do that kind of stuff?

I don’t think so. I’ll try to replicate it on video.