Crafting concept I spent way too much time on.

Okay, here’s a really big chart outlining an idea for crafting that eliminates blueprints. It’s not really anything new, but it’s a different concept for Rust. Basically this ties together a lot of my other ideas into this chart. This is by no means comprehensive or does it try to fix everything. It’s merely another idea on the current system, and it may be the direction things are headed anyway.

The basic premise is that we already know how to make everything, but can’t see it in the crafting menus until we actually make it. Once you craft an item for the first time the recipe gets added to your list to speed up the crafting process. The workbench makes a return, and is the gateway to crafting higher tiered weapons and items.

Higher level resources are collected from things like junk cars, machinery, or dead Caretakers, and instead of pounding on it with axes and hammers you need tools to get the resources.

Higher level guns require parts from Caretakers to make. Anyone can make a gun as long as you have a Level 3 workbench, some precision tools, and the parts from a Caretaker that you killed. You can see my Caretaker concept for how they would work.

Here’s the really big chart!

Wow. I actually really like this idea. THIS is more along the lines of what I’d expect crafting to be, rather than this rudimentary crafting we currently have.

Well done, good sir. Very well done.

Love the idea. but i can’t see it happening for quite a while.

Cloth + Furnace = Leather? I thought that illogical madness was thrown out with Legacy. ;_;

Also, there should be an introduction of flint, as cut stones for arrowheads make for a heavier and inferior quality for shortbows.

I agree. How we get cloth, a plant based material, from animals doesn’t make sense either. Unless we start growing cotton and building tanning racks this seems like the simplest solution.

I thought about this as a requirement to crafting the Level 0 items. Basically a set of stone tools you’d need in your inventory to make the first tier of weapons/tools. But, like I said this isn’t comprehensive so I left out a lot of stuff.

I’d like to see a whole new level on Pipes, specifically Industrial Piping and joints, this would lead to whole new level of building and not just Buildings either but objects.

Just to pick at your brain - if Caretakers need to be killed in order to create quality weapons, what, exactly, would be the best way to take them down? The thing is armored, so some scrap shots would do crap for damage, I imagine.

Would it essentially be a bunch of people throwing themselves at a caretaker with hatchets, until some lucky bastard climbs over the pile of corpses to reach the caretaker, now deactivated due to the levels of blood that has poured through every crevice, and runs off with the goods?

You can build the pipe shotgun, eoka, and revolver without the weapon receiver so you could use these. It would require a small group or a prolonged battle by an individual. I think it would be feasible, but very risky, to take one down with the fire axe and javelin as well. Or you could throw water bottles at them, lol.

The receiver is only required for more advanced weaponry.

EDIT: And bean can grenades! Although they would reduce some of the resources you get, so there’s a chance you might destroy the parts required for guns.

Amazing job, feels like a more refined, satisfating and realistic crafting system.
Some things i may point out:

  • Revolver should use a gun barrel too (or at least a pipe).
  • What is the use of that radioactive material? Are you planning mini nukes?
  • Why do you need leather to craft handmade shells?
  • Bone knife craft should use bone and animal hide.

Yea, the revolver should require the pipe too.

Add the radioactive material to your explosives to create dirty bombs that create a small localized radiation zone that lasts for a couple of in-game days.

I eliminated cloth since you shouldn’t be able to get it from animals.

Don’t disagree with this, just wanted to have a level 0 knife that didn’t need leather/cloth.

Leather is not made from cooking cloth. Char cloth is!!!

I hate that.



Actually, yes. If you are going to work this hard on a new system. Maybe it is time to add some real science. I would be glad to help with the research. It is not that difficult to get some real components.

Edit #2:
guess I missed the animal hide label. My bad.

Maybe we need sheep for wool so we can make cloth, but that feels like minecraft. I like the idea of getting plant fibers for cloth. This could come from multiple sources (care to research that?).

Something like this could be used for leather if we wanted to get more realistic.

Then we could have Hide Tanning Simulator 2015!

Well actually the game could offer the full experience implementing a drying rack for the animal hide tanning. Sorry, late, you have already posted this.

Maybe the community is not interested in this stuff but I will love it.

I actually think this would be kind of cool. You’d have to place the rack (could fit in a 1x1 with no roof) outside so it could spend a full day in the sun. It could have maybe 4 slots, each would hold 1 animal hide, and each hide might give you a stack of 50 leather. Maybe animals would only drop 1-3 hides?

Traditional ways of tanning:

Making cloth is pretty easy, spinning cotton on a spindle, then you weave it on a loom.

Very cool. Perhaps plant fiber could just be turned into cloth at the workbench? Unless we want to build a loom also - which I’m not opposed to.

That makes enough sense for now. I am hoping eventually they add more sophisticated things to make crafting more realistic.

Plant Fiber -> thread -> cloth
Plant Fiber -> thread -> rope

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Part of what I think is right now Rust is geared for everybody can and will be a jack of all trades. But that isn’t really realistic. there will be people who are interested in playing the builder. People interested in playing the craftsman. The tailor. The baker. Taking on these roles and working on them day in and day out.

brilliant work, nothing else to be said. a few suggestions came to mind while reading over it.

i agree that cloth should be from plant fiber, not animals. cloth and hide could be interchangeable in all recipes, giving players the choice to hunt or gather for material.

you could probably combine crude metal and scrap metal, they seem like a duplicate in a way.

in regards to extra “benches” such as tanning racks and looms, they could probably be covered by a set level of workbench. keep it simple(ish).

You need to make your own game. It’s time…

its looks like 7 days to die not rust