Crafting Question´s...

Hallo ( FIRST OF ALL IM NOT “INGAME” ) - but yet im an “youtube junkie” and Rust cached my interest alot.

and i seen alot of camp raiding going on…

Q1 - im just not seen any one able to craft an ambush ladder - (fx. its a ladder with two hooks in the top to hang in a window) - is there any form of this tool ingame

Q2 - also is where any form of wall bombs / door breaker tools ?

Q3 - is where any form of floor hatch´s ?

( i used the seach tool / youtube - but dident find any answers on my question - so dont be to harsh on me plz :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thx for your time :smiley:

  1. I don’t believe this is in the game, not sure if they are going to add it ether

  2. You can break doors with a hatchet but it does take a very long time

  3. This isn’t in the game ether but it’s actually not a bad idea, not sure if it would be able to be done though.

thx for your answers :smiley: - year the Floor hatch´s would be awesome and i could add a lot of new ways to build houses :smiley: