Crafting queue

I’m sure it has been brought up before but I’ll go ahead and bring it up again. This game is a time sink, ADD A CRAFTING QUEUE. Thank you

Not sure I understand, like you craft something at one time, and if you want to craft after, you can put it on hold until after, so you can walk away from the game until it finishes crafting? I don’t see the point.

Pretty much. It is a very simple feature to implement that makes it more efficient to craft things and lets you do other things while you wait. Really there is no reason not to have it

Well, this would seem reasonable. If I was building a base and needed a ton of time to craft stuff, I could just QUEUE it and go watch TV for an hour, come back, and get back to playing and building. Whatever can be crafted can be put onto that list until you don’t have enough supplies. Yea, this would kinda work for those with a load of crafting work on their hands.

I don’t care for this being that people would be able to just resource all day then craft all night while sleeping way too op

Really? You think it would be OP to cut a few seconds off of the time it takes to click “Craft” after each item you make?