Crafting tab showing active queue and other suggestions

The crafting system is working well. I have a small request that would make it even better: a crafting tab that shows only the active queue in the order they will be crafted.

Currently, if you want to know what you have in your queue, you have to look at the list of all possible items you can craft and then scroll up and down to see what you have in your queue–and even then you can’t tell what order they are in. It would be nice if there was a tab in the crafting menu that let you see only those items you have queued as well as the order they will be crafted in.

As an added bonus it would be great if the color of the text for items being crafted that currently don’t have room to appear in your inventory was RED. At some point it would also be nice if the crafting queue tab showed how many resources you have committed to that item and, if there isn’t enough room in your inventory for the materials to go back in your inventory if you cancel the job, the text would be YELLOW.

personally i’d rather the crafting queue only be visible in the inventory/tab menu. still have popups for the items that go into your inventory (+1 wooden spear for example) but unless i’m wanting to monitor the queue closely, its really just in the way.

agree about having the items being crafted sticking to the top of the list, with the one being done right now first, and the rest in sequential order. otherwise you need to use the tabs to monitor your craft times so you don’t have to scroll through to figure out how long is left on your spear.

i’m iffy about how to deal with items that don’t fit in your current inventory, but would probably suggest “crafting paused” when your inventory is full. so the next item, and everything after it won’t progress until you make space; when you make space, they will automatically resume. of course keep the option to cancel items while paused too.

Good points, Mr. Knifey. I didn’t mean that I wanted my HUD to be cluttered by a crafting window-- I agree it should only come up when you are in your inventory/crafting view. Pushing the items in queue to the top of the list is a great, easy, solution and I’m all for it. No need for an extra tab that way.

I like the idea of pausing crafting when your space is full-- as it can be pretty annoying to have an assault rifle pop out onto the ground at an awkward time (like while you are running and gunning in combat).

I can do without the bells and whistles of colored text-- but some kind of consolidated queue would be nice.