Crafting tables and furnaces seems to have much much longer life time while they are in wooden building for some reason.

I’ve noticed some wierd things.
Crafting tables and furnaces seems to have much much longer life time while they are in wooden building for some reason.
Im living in metal building and i have to rebuild them every time ( about 20 h of being offline ) but when i come across the map there are decayed buildings without some walls but furnaces and crafting tables are there all the time.
All this is based on a few days observation. Can you guys check it please?

usually a furnace comes well after a wall has been placed thus the durability is much longer than that of a wall. Once it has been exposed to the elements of the game it should then in turn decay but only after the walls have went.

Well, here’s how it’s supposed to work :
Deployables placed on buildings (foundations, ceilings) never decay
otherwise they decay after 12-24 hours

It would be very strange if they were decaying on metal buildings but not on wood, I will look into it right now

Yeah I have noticed that too. We constantly have to check our furnaces and crafting tables + chests for decay, and we are in a metal base right now. When we had our wooden base we didn’t have to do this once

I can confirm, I have to place a new bench, campfire and furnace every time I log in, I.e every day.
This is in my metal house, as for my wood house everything is fine

Sleeping bag and storage box stays

how do you check things for decay?

They are darker and to be sure take wood in your hotbar and try to use it on them.
If it work it means that it decayed.


Also the fact the item has disappeard is a big sign too

Yeah, same problem here. Friends and I just put our metal house up yesterday and then we came back after about 11 hours and the furnaces and crafting table were gone and the boxes were really hurt.

Hope you find the problem, Helk.

Yep, I’m working on it

Very annoying problem lost lots of stuff in furnaces and chests to this bug…

what server are ppl playing on ? (that got this problem) cause i now had my metal house for i think week n half now, and nothing decayed in it yet. (PvE server)

nvm, just asked on server, and i have nothing on ground floor, (on foundation) all i have is on ceilings, and there it works as it should, someone said he/she had tested it

Awesome tnx Helk o7

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Ah yes so it appears the foundation is just acting as the ground outside, I ended up building onto the roof so I will check and see are the items still there

Confirmed, I built a metal house last night before I went to bed. Got up for work this morning(8 hours later) logged in after seeing this thread and my crafting table and 1 furnace is gone. It’s only been 8 hours. I also had to heal ALL of my Large Wooden Storage boxes. They lost 100 health overnight, which is crazy.

The same situation with metal doors. When they are placed properly in door frame its ok but when they are placed in the middle of the room then they decaying very quickly