Crafting time = MASSIVE TIMESINK

Crafting time is way too long. Everytime i have to craft, i alt tab and watch a movie. Thatz no fun - when its a bad movie.
RLY just leave the crafting times BUT allow to craft as much parts of it as you want in THAT time.

get friends to craft stuff for you or split craft time

Go play on a half-craft or insta-craft server then, i personally think the times are pretty well set to balance out most of the gameplay

i have lots of friends with me - BUT crafting 20 ceilings for my house or 2000 gunpowder in 1000 - 2000sec is lost time. I want fun and action and no major craft time - to slow move around and wait to get back the action

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is there any official server with instant craft - i think not ;(

there is under modded.

This extreme crafting times should be only on mod servers - iam confused.
Why you all tolerate such high crafting times?
12x c4 i have to wait 1500 secs LOL why? I want this asap and no alt tab cause i dont wanna stare in and watch the secs i have to wait///
15 ceilings = 15 minutes OMG downtime - thats no fun

Then like the other person said, go play on half craft/insta craft server.

Just lesser craft time would be nice!
Is there an official 1 - plz say name.
But i cant find an official 1 with no craft time.

I have to craft 1-2 hours straight of 4 hours gameplay =(

if you can craft charges super fast there is no punishment for losing/wasting them

Well if you are scared to play on anything but an official server, then I guess you’ll be dealing with the long craft times.

no he is actually right I do the same thing… I alt tab and I go to facebook or watch videos on utube

Crafting time is fine with me, I just wish that the movement speed wasn’t so restricted. I understand that if you were making something you would be moving slower, but I would much rather see it be that you can move as normal, but cannot run.

I like crafting time, if you removed that i would never have a break to make food pee or Anything else. from my 24/7 sleep deprivation!

k i checked it - most of you like the crafting time - but not the move slow

and again i have to craft 18 minutes (just stay around) and cant actualy play the game=(

It’s part of the game, like others said if you don’t like it join a server with half or no crafting time. Or stop playing the game all together.

This suggestion is pointless…
Why ask to reduce the crafting time if there is a possibility to avoid crafting time at all.

But if you go on an insta-crafting server you will probably get bored at a specific time.
If there is a crafting time you can say “Hell I’m proud of my building” but if there is no
crafting time then you just build one building after another and see it as nothing special.

Just rethink if you really want that.


I used to play on a half craft server, but it’s dead now. I do think the timing in half craft is about right. Crafting should take time, but since you’re basically crafting everything in this game the time should not be too punishing.

“Go play on another server” is an off topic statement because we are discussing what is best for the game and what is more fun or less fun game design wise. Saying “it is part of the game” when the game is in alpha and subject to change is utterly vapid.

The interesting part of the crafting system is surviving in this open PvP full loot sandbox game as you harvest materials. The interesting part is finding recipes, whether by killing zombies, raiding rad towns, killing people to research their loot, or fighting over supply drops. The interesting part is not pressing “Go” on the craft screen. The interesting part is not waiting for a progress bar.

The bottom line is that having to play a different video game or do something else while I craft is strictly a negative on the game, making it a worse game than it would be otherwise. An important case study is Darkfall.

This game will do better, have more players, more action and get you (developers) more money if you make the game more fun by removing crafting timers.

There is one consideration, and that is “crafting in combat”. Nobody would do this because it is stupid, so it’s not really something to worry about. But, there are conceivably some abuses to instant crafting a house on the go or something. This can be 99% negated by requiring the workbench for more things. Remember there is no status quo to fervently defend, so they should implement what has the fewest downsides and most upsides, and that is hands down making crafting times super fast.*

There are other ways to balance this besides changing the crafting time.

Here’s an idea. Workbench crafting could be set up so that a certain portion of the crafting time (at the start, end, or middle - doesn’t matter, could be more than one in different spots even) needs a workbench, instead of the whole thing. This would free the player to move away from their workbench, and halt the crafting (not cancel it!) until they move near to one again if a workbench is required at that point in the progress bar. This would allow the player, if still slowed/crippled, to at least go outside and gather some stuff if they are in a relatively quiet area, go onto the roof and shoot people who approach, etc… Right now you can’t do anything even so far as across the room if crafting anything complex, which is most of the time-consuming things.

Another idea is saved progress when crafting. You could make it so that the player can pause the crafting bar, meaning if they’re making 15 C4 and they’re nearly done, they can pause it and go shoot somebody who’s trying to get inside their house instead of either canceling or sitting there.

You could also set it up so that instead of the items staying where they are until the craft is done, they become tied up in a “partially crafted item”, which could be the current crafting item or not, stored in a chest, etc… This would expand on the concept of pausing your crafting and allow you to resume way later - IRL hours or days even - without putting the materials at risk or tying up your crafting “slot”.

If a hotkey was attached to crafting pause/resume, you could go gathering while you craft, pause/resume depending on whether you need to move, etc… Whether this is a desirable thing or not is not something I’ve given a ton of thought yet.

My point, though, is just that there are other ways besides messing with the time it takes or removing it all together. Balancing is a complex issue, and a lot of you are oversimplifying it under the lens of existing variables being the only possibilities.

Personally I do think that C4 and Grenades take way too long to craft, and possibly foundations/ceilings too… I think they should be about half what they are now - nothing should take more than a solid minute to craft IMO, at least if nothing else about crafting is changed besides the time.

You can already instantly build whatever you want on the fly. You just need to plan ahead and bring already built parts, which is already unrealistic, since you couldn’t carry a foundation, 6 pillars, and 3 stairs and still expect to be nimble.

Crafting times ARE a pain. Crafting times, imo, ARE reasonable though.