Crafting time poll?

Crafting time? I know people would build bases a lot faster and all, but some of the times are annoying. I wish there would be no timing at all, I mean it’s in early development might as well try it right? Resources are plenty full anyways so people will build around the same structures either way.

Its probably worth trying, but it might not fit max/helk/pat’s vision for how the game flows.

Eventually we might have a system that makes repeated use of crafting less tedious… like skills, possibly

That makes sense. 60 seconds for a beginner building a building foundation. 20 or so for an experienced craftsman. could go down 5 seconds each time at least for foundations since they aren’t built as often.
unless we can affect the skills directly, maybe they should stay hidden from view? thoughts on that?

that is just ludicrous. taking away crafting time is just… stupid lol
its a huge part of the game needing to premake things. if you have no crafting you can just quickly make med packs and guns on the go… its just silly

This though sounds great. Being able to level up anything is awesome in games.

I was also thinking maybe if you craft things in bulk they take a bit less time? Not much though.

I’m not saying like that intentionally Med kits have a delay on them already…

Exactly, we don’t want the winner in a fight the one who can hide behind a tree for a second and craft 10 medkits and an M4.

Crafting things in bulk taking less time is a great idea, maybe 10% off of the time for each additional item until the items reach 50% normal build time.
For example:
say something takes 100 seconds to craft. When you craft two it would be 190 seconds instead of 200 because your taking 10% of the time off of the second item.(100+90) Crafting three would be 170 seconds.(190+80) This would continue until you were crafting 6 of the item then the time for each would no longer decrease.(100+90+80+70+60+50+50+50etc…)

I’m personally thinking half of it should be affected by lifetime use (and maybe you only get to keep 10-20% of the time bonus upon respawning), and the other half directly by the quality & condition of the tools/clothes you have on you.

One possibility is being able to craft a special, passive item that grants you crafting bonuses, possibly with three downsides: costs a lot to craft, reduces your speed even more while crafting, and wears out after extensive crafting sessions (most items will have a condition stat in the future).

Of course, those are only my own ideas — I’m not aware of Helk’s opinions on the matter.