How can i make the blue armor? the name is kerver i think…

It’s crafted out of metal fragments, if you get a research kit and paper you can reverse engineer the ones you found, not sure how to craft it without that though.

It’s called Kevlar, you need to research it in order to unlock it. The wiki has a lot of information, doesn’t say the exact recipe for it though

Going to go put this on the wiki now.

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Sorry, thought the recipe would be in there somewhere, helmet is 40 metal fragments, vest is 50.

hey he closed our thread and btw reverse engineering it helps


Let’s not talk about another thread in here. I don’t think anything else needs to be said on this thread, as his question was already answered.

ok lol

Kevlar is very rarely found on zombies and irradiated towns, and may appear on higher-tier/well-known bandits/players. But the stats on these pieces of armour makes you wonder if it’s worth it.

It’s not, leather is far superior, provides resistance to cold/radiation unlike kevlar, and can provide comfort if at full leather armor.

oh i didnt know that whats the t item its called like armor piece 7 for

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