Crafty Object Viewer - Lightmaps ( Source Engine -> 3ds Max )

Hello, i’ve heard that using Lightmaps can create ingame-like lighting and overall look, but you need to remap all the textures.
I have no clue how to do it, how i should UVW Map those textures ? It even doesn’t look like it’s the right texture ( for example a Sand - Black squares and grey color material ).

And there’s alot of them ( over 5000 ) and remaping all of them should take… a year ? I know one guy who did it, but sadly he doesn’t tell much info about it.

Here is the example of how it should look like: [video][/video]

Is there any guide out there how to do it ? Can’t find any only smalltalks about Crafty and Lightmaps.

Some games like Dark Souls have a separate UV channel for lightmaps for their world geometry, so if you’re trying to port a mesh that had lightmapping you could try and see if it got another UV channel for them.