In Crafty, when I open a mdl it has no textures and is white, no matter what
settings I change it doesn’t show up with textures?
why is this and how do I fix it?

why isn’t it finding the textures?
when they are where crafty says they aren’t?

I’m pretty sure you have to configure the settings in Crafty so it knows where the game files for Hl2/CSS are at. Otherwise it won’t be able to display the textures for whatever model you load in to it. Don’t ask me how to do that because I never use the program unless it’s to extract content from a BSP.

It can find GCF textures but not custom ones, it’s a bug I suppose as i’ve not found anything that will let it load them. Strangley it happily will load textures for .obj models though @.@

@Silver Spirit
ok I’ll try the .obj, thanks :wink:

np :slight_smile: Make sure the textures are in the same folder as the .obj file, to ensure it works.