Cragsters:Various requests for Garrys mod

Hi everyone may i please request:

Some beautiful woods and forests maps and beautiful Island cluster maps with plenty of foliage from the foliage pack and infrastructures like houses and factorys and bases etc with ambient noises of birds maybe?(.bsp format and not advanced duplicator)

Also i would like to request: Various playable payer models as dogs.(Not advanced duplicator)

And some more tanks. (Not Advanced Duplicator)

No adv duplicator files though… coz my adv duplicator is buggered.

I actually have an odd request as well:
the arm blade thing off the new AVP3 model by itself and the blaster from the MP3 Space Pirate by itself as well.

Lets hope people are being notified about this request someone did a hatsune miku model when i requested in an anime thread that was so good of them i added them to buddies anyways lets hope these requests i have voiced get done.

Yeah, the AVP one got answered in the same day on 2 other threads.
Still curious about the Space Pirate thing thorugh.
Would be REALLY useful for a comic I’m trying to work on.

Cool cool :slight_smile:

Yeeeeeeeah it ain’t gonna happen.
Oh well, it was worth it to hope.

One other thing i would like to Request

A DRAGON survival map In the form of like monster hunter freedom 2 lush worlds with greenery

Also maybe The T REX player model

What a silly hidden “Bump” in your post.

i’ve been lookin for somone to do this, (PLZ do this)
I need some one to make a ragdoll of Beatrix Kido from Kill Bill

(There is a Hattori Hanzo sword prop already in hammy’s props though.)

ahh another thing that has come to my mind

A tool that lets you (when you click on a ragdoll) you take form of the ragdoll but player model

so a ragdoll automatically transforms your charecter into example headcrab and can be used in online play wheather or not the servers have it installed