Craig the Asian Newbie (SORTA INTERACTIVE)

Craig has been bullied since the start of the Vietnam War. This is because he’s Vietnamese. So he decided to enlist. He got an assignment to investigate gm_construct becasue lately, it’s down and dreary instead of happy. He goes in on a UH-1D.

He gets off, and the others go investigate the small bunker, while he investigates the big building. He takes off the radio on his back and lays it down. While flying there, something hit it and it broke. He peeks around the door.

Inside, he finds a dead body. He picks up the M16 and the 4 grenades. The M60 is far too heavy and bulky for a weak guy like him.

He goes into a hallway to find a vietcong! What a surprise!


A.) Shoot him with 5 bullets

B.) Toss an HE grenade

C.) Use your asian ninja skills

Unjam M16 first, then fire.

Wonder why the vietcong’s hat is floating over his head.

I don’t think you’ve managed to come up with an interesting concept really, but best of luck to you.

Jump outta sight and toss that grenade. Provided you succeed, do a sweet pose and put on some sunglasses if you can find any nearby.