If you don’t understand why “Cranberry” - you’re not from Russia)

Honestly, I dont know about “Cranberry”, but the picture and atmosphere are cool.

Amazing. Really awesome.

May I have the model link?

It’s some kind of my personal skin, I’ll soon release it in Personal Skins thread.

It’s goddamn amazing, friend. Is it a reskin of something? Or was it made completely from scratch? I need some armour like that.

It’s headhack. Head from FakeFactory, body from F.E.A.R. model pack. And they re-skinned, of course)

Is he half a bear? Something’s wrong with his left eye.

Nice, I need to learn to headhack. Did you do it yourself?

Yeah, something) You’ll see what is it soon.

Yes, tutorial by Taggart hepled me a lot.

Norpo, gonna PM you. you’re awesome.

Hah,I guess you don’t. It’s a russian idiom, that means everything about typical soviet or russian stereotypes: like vodka, ushanka’s, dancing bears or lots of red stars and sickles.
And “cranverry” because it’s red too :slight_smile:

You just opened our big secret angry soviet face.


Almost) “Прикольно”

The fuck is Cranberry. I am Russian. What the hell is that?

Errm, is it soviet star in his eye?


Awesome. Hey Norpo, did the other models skeletons work?

Ha! I know it.

Cranberry - Клюква.
Yeah… i totally understand meaning of this pic :stuck_out_tongue: