Crane Prefab?

I want to use the Crane from the coast in HL2 as a part of one of my levels, I’m just wondering if anyone has a prefab. I’d rather not have to rip it…

sorry my friend, i am afraid ripping is the only way you’ll get to figure this thing out :frowning: i did and i thought it was cool shtuff inside the components… i figured out all my vehicles that way! (i can make my own now)

its a good learning experience… valve doesn’t decompile lock their maps so use vmex to decompile one of the coast ones!

I think they included it as one of their sdk example maps.

Okay, also, I already have the map decompiled, I just don’t want to go through the process of painfully removing componets of the crane, very annoying due to how complicated the grid looks.

Checking for the SDK map

I have a crane in a unfinished map pm me.