Crappy ideas for rust

Its just crappy ideas. Contains BS
So i dont want no one to take it seriously :slight_smile:
And my english sucks. Please understand.

Ive been playing dayz, they usually hide your character name.
You cant tell who is who, u guess it by outfit or chat.
It was kinda cool but also unkind.

So i was thinking about name sharing system.
You see a guy first time, you cant see his character name.
But when you became friend, act together, both players can agree to share their names and finally, you can see your friends name on him. So now they can actually teamwork. Not confused by a random guy just showed up.

Also journal for each character might be cool.
Its basically a log for each user. Automatically updates what user have done.
Not every single action, its an example

[Unknown man]
Murdered : 6 (3 self defenses) < it means he didnt attack first.
Survived 7days
Reason of death : gunshot, bleed to death, hunger, dehydration… Etc
Dying message : (writes when he got killed. You can write Who was the killer, how he looked like, what was his name and where he went, also complains like ‘i hate this shit :(’ )

Of course you can type random words in it.

Anyways, you can collect journals from dead bodies.
I know it would be hard to put this kinda things in game. Whatever.

Perks. I know Its not an idea. I just thought it might be awesome if you can team up with guys with different professions. Gunman, builder, crafter, scout, medic… For a example, builder and crafter can build house/craft things with less materials. Gunman can aim or reload faster. scout can see further and hear footsteps and spot enemies. It would make grouping much meaningful. Just a thought.

Another crazy shit in my head. Ham radio And frequency! Like fallout or rpg servers in garrys mod, if you have radio equipment you can let ppl hear your voice. Like ‘we are raiders and we’re going to raid you ;)’ of course you must have walkie talkie thingy to listen to these channels.

Poisonous foods and plants. You can feed yourself with random plants growing everywhere. But some of them can be poisonous. Can get you killed, make you even more hungry, dehydrate you, or paralyze you. So you must be careful.

You can get seeds, grow these at your home. Even poisonous plants too. You can put poison out of plants in the food or drink. Anybody who doesnt know its poisoned, theyll get killed when they try it. if someone just killed you on sight and took your poisoned food, you can expect sweet revenge.

It was great spitting out some shitty thoughts i had.
I gotta sleep now. Its 6:30 am here :frowning:

How about you can like have babies and then the babes are npcs. Ofcourse this is a stoop idea im bored and want a key so i post this ok. Well chow.

Really like the log idea

If you don’t want anyone to take anything seriously, then why even post it? Then again, half this forum is already… Ugh.
Some of these ideas are actually decent but so common and generic that the dev team would have them in their plans for the future ahead.

If you think the ideas are crappy, they’re best kept to yourself.

Why taking it seriously? Just read it and laugh away. Its better than begging thread right?