Crappy Map Fixing Competiton

About 3 years ago I made a map. It sucked. Here’s competition: fix/remake/make it shittier but I must like it.
Winrar gets 1$ TF2 hat.
VMF here:

Screenshots must be provided with VMF.

Honestly I think this map is great, you can really see the well thought out design patterns in the walls.
But it was missing just 1 thing. It needed more carve tool. And another chair. After 2 hours of work I have produced this beauty.

4 nao u r winrar

nice concept: sitting on chairs with someone and staring at the bricks

2 chairs 1 spawn :quagmire:

Alright, putting something together right now…
EDIT: After numerous crashes in hammer, I guess this is as far as I can take it
I decieded that the room looked more boring, so I added a red light. Then I realized how small it was, so I cut open a window, and created a moon outside to gaze at. The moon is very high poly and highly detailed, you can see every crevice and crack it has. I enclosed the whole map in a box skybox.
Also, to make NPCs work, I added a couple of NPC nodes
I even “made hollow” every brush in the map, just to give the map a sense of volume. This all impacts your fps in such a way that you get the Ubisoft patented cinematic experience.

If this is going to be a parody of mapping then someone has to do a modern simplistic edition that plagued gmod eyecandy since mirrors edge.

I DARE you to compile that.

I have, the compiler just gave gave up and removed about 2/3s of the brushes since they were microbrushes.

I created the moon thing my make a sphere, copying it and shifting the copy by one unit in all directions, carved, deleted the copy, took the resulting shape, made hollow, and made hollow again.


I think you’ll enjoy my take on this map. My rendition is a brand-new take on the concept, while maintaining intact the spirit of the original map. If I may be so bold as to state so, I believe my map redefines what it means to create a level, as it touches on ideas so extraordinary that it simply transcends the current state of art, architecture, and design. The map was influenced by the work of several incredibly talented people, masters of their fields, such as Gerard Way, Guy Fieri, P.C. McGraw, Henry Winkler, Thomas Wiseau, and Aeon Bollig; I believe you’ll find that, at its core, the map deeply embodies each of the aforementioned masters’ ideas and beliefs, creating a sublime sense of serenity, while at the same time arousing all five senses.[/t]

Please note the careful consideration of color in the above image. If you look closely to the left-center of the screenshot you may notice a chair - do not be alarmed, it is simply to create an area where the observer can rest his vision for a moment (a respite for the eyes, if you will), in order to avoid going insane due to the utterly magnificent combination of color and shape.


In this area, perspective is everything. Pay close attention to the feeling of distance created primarily by the brushes and enhanced via the auxiliary decals. The more observant of you will also notice the dynamic light on the wall to the right; this is the element I am most proud of, and I can only wish the rest of the map were on a level remotely near it. The color chosen for the light is a respectful nod towards the ancient Irish textileworkers of the late 5th century, who have chosen this precise RGB combination as a means to honor the elder god of currency and wealth, món Ýefæss. Some of you may shun me for worshipping an ancient pagan god, but praising món Ýefæss is no less shameful than praising the artificial goddess you call capitalism.


The true meaning of this is area is up to interpretation. I personally believe the containers represent a means of shutting out our darkest secrets and fears, and their location allows for inconspicuous inspection to ensure the demons did not escape their confines. However, I can freely admit to being intoxicated by several substances at the time of making this part of the map, so it truly is a wondrous work of the subconscious.

As requested, here is a download of the edited .vmf. Included are several custom assets that will enhance your viewing pleasure, so I ask that you take the time to install them before viewing the map (if the above images are not testament enough of my genius). I also ask that you not distribute the contents of the .zip file; I have been granted one-time permission to distribute said contents here in this thread and I would rather not cross those who were so kind as to allow me access to the assets. Thank you, and may món Ýefæss smile upon you and your family daily.

I wasn’t aware this thread held true beauty.

oh man it seems like u r goin’ 2 ween butt lets see if anyone else can make a masterpiece better than this

I prefer more warm colors. Now map is near the perfection

Do you have a deadline we can follow?

for example 1 march is deadline

Worked for about 5 months on this, hope its good. This map was a really tough fix…

With over 2 hours of immersive gameplay, assume the role of Gorden Frimen as you try to escape the house of horrors. Elude enemies, solve puzzles, and take on impossible challenges as you adventure throughout this leakless, not carved, not fullbright, map.
There are some ‘jumpscares’ and obviously lots of the same corpse ragdoll because it has to be really scary. The texture work was reviewed by some of the greatest mappers and they screamed because of how well done it was. This map is fully noded for GMOD and NPCs now. I also decided to add in a super hard boss battle for extra challenge. There’s a spot that isn’t finished, but I just released it anyway because no one will notice. You can hide in the garbage pile not made with the sphere and carve tool. This map is now loaded with adventure. Those things are just the beginning…

admire my masterpiece[/T]


end me

Here I fixed yer map
Version 2.0[/t]
Here is a video:

Version 1.0

Hi, here is my version of original level. Required EP2 to playing. :slight_smile:


(and sry for my bad english, because it’s not my native language)

You are a mapping god.

-snip, was similar but not the same ffs-