Crash after loading (loading UI says "Finished!") no subcribed addons, clean install.

[del]Hey, I’m expecting dem support trolls and I don’t really expect to find any real help here but I’m going to try anyways.

I haven’t been playing GMOD for a few months the game just won’t launch anymore. I actually had bought 3 months of server hosting that mostly went to waste because of this problem. Another thing maybe worth noting is that this problem occurs specifically with gmod’s HL2.exe and not the HL2.exe situated with the half-life games nor any other source game.

GMOD has not been installed on my computer in a while, but I just reinstalled it to confirm if the problem still occurs and it does.

Here are some things I’ve tried so far:

  • Clean install with no addons (clean steam install too)
  • Installing to different disks (I have four none of which are in RAID)
  • Disabling firewalls
  • Running in lower DXlevels
  • Running with heightened security privileges and as administrator etc and doing the same for Steam
  • Very clean GPU driver installation
  • Running the game after booting windows in safe mode.
  • Deleting the awesomium process which makes the game not CTD but still hang after “Finished!”

Ma hardwarez:

780 Ti

Here’s the crash report.[/del]

Solution: Steam cloud containing some setting or file that when it downloads breaks the game

  1. Go to right click Garrysmod in your Steam Library and select ‘Properties’
  2. In the UPDATES tab, untick the Steam Cloud synchronization box
  3. Delete the game and all of its files via right clicking the game in your library and selecting ‘Delete all content’ (make sure the files are deleted by navigating to the install directory and deleting the entire Garrysmod folder yourself if necessary)
  4. Reinstall the game
  5. Find a way to delete your Steam Cloud settings for GMOD.

Yea i’m having kinda the same issue, i reinstalled Gmod and removed the last few programms i installed on my PC
the only thing i didnt try is to downgrade to an older nvidia driver is the dump file

I have a feeling this is the issue as well. Other people having issues with nttdll.dll in other applications, and it having to do with a windows update and nvidia drivers.

If you are going to post crash logs, post the file itself or don’t post at tall.

Your 2 issues are completely unrelated.

Sorry heres the file itself if you still need it.

Edit: Well what a surprise, the easiest option which is restarting the computer is always the last one i do and fixed my problem…

Ok, I did that instead.