Crash Bandicoot Characters

I thing these guys should be made, These are my childhood

Crash Bandicoot

Aku Aku


Dr. N. Gin

Uka Uka

Dr. N. Tropy

Nitrus Brio


Ripper Roo

Papu Papu and the Tribe


& The Komodo Bros. Joe & Moe

Whoever takes this will officially be known as the Modeling God…

…Oh best of luck and Thankyou

I’ve requested this as well, and got no replies, Crash isn’t as popular as he used to be anymore.

Papu Papu…
dear god that makes me feel old.

Really, How old would that be?

I don’t think that anyone would bother modeling these without getting paid or something like that, also Maybe it’d be easier to port from one of the Crash Games?

Well I’m not a Computer-Modelling guy, this is why I made this request, I simply can’t do it.

support crash bandicoot was a really good game !

I sure ain’t gonna give up on this!

Looks at original copy of Carsh Bandicoot sitting next to him
Wishes he could makes these models

Well, support that someone does make them.

Dont f*cking quote descriptions that wide

Is there anyone out there who can port these?