Crash Bandicoot gta sanandreas port

A guy got Crash from Crash of the titans for Sanandreas,could someone please port him into gmod?

He only needs finger posing and decent physics who ever will do this is a real bro.



Looks awesome.Support

Even more support.

So much support.

Why can’t I hold all this support?

bump I guess.


I’ve found this thread, where people are working on ripping the Crash Of The Titans/ Mind Over Mutant models, there are ton of T-Posed characters on the thread, none released, none in Garry’s Mod except Aku-Aku, as you can see in this picture below.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with the San Andreas model but it does have to do with Crash,

Don’t know if this will really help in anyway, just figured i’d throw it out there.

Here is the Thread:

Holy shit I never even heard of that forum,shame the thread was locked.

I also got Titans Crash into Sculptris. but he has a transparent problem i don’t know how to fix.

Hes not my favorite version, but its all i could find.

Yeah Crash of the Titans wasn’t the best game but I like his model.

Ragdoll coming in 2012 :3

Update1:Extracted some .P3D files from iso which probably some kind a archive with textures and models.I need some help with opening it :stuck_out_tongue:

Soo…anyone ? I need some help with P3D files :C

Wish I knew how to help

yeah, im sure alot of us would help if we knew how, i don’t think any of the people that actually know how to do this care to help with Crash.

Some good news:I kinda contact with eyebot1(PatStrikesBack) and he said that he would do tutorial soon. Yay :3

I was thinkin, This:

might, “Interest” you guys.

I like SuperCheater5’s better.

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'Cause it looks like it has faceposing.

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If it doesn’t then poop.