Crash Bandicoot ORIGINAL PSX Model (WIP)

This is the official, original model from the first ever Crash Bandicoot on the PS1.

Many have said that this is impossible, however, a utility named CrashEdit had been released last year and could view the resources from the games and extract models from them (only very few I could find).

You may be thinking, why hasn’t anyone tried extracting models yet?

I have found that there are no textures that are included with the model upon export, so I decided to UV Map it myself using a box mapping method with specially created snapshots of the once textured model.

Here are the results so far:

I am fully aware about how ugly the model looks so far, but as you can see I am at work with this, whenever I find spare time.

I am open to allow any one who would like to volunteer to help as I have other projects and priorities that I am busy with.

PM me if you are interested. Thankyou, coolcrash05.

Heh wow man, when i first read the title i thought you ripped it right out of the PS1 but you used crash edit instead, if you could manage to get the texture from PS1 it would probably be easier to texture crash rather then just using pictures

I have tried every possible way of getting the original texture and it is impossible, especially as with export he loses all the UV information. So this is the best. These aren’t just any pictures anyway, I captured the frames in the preview at the side, besides his back of which I had to use one in game photo to perfect.

I might be able to get you the texture. The only part of him that is textured is his back and stomach I believe, most of it is vertex colored.

I remember I got them once using some kinda of ripping software on my computer, just let me try and find it again and I’ll try sending it to you. Only problem is all the textures were combined, So I may have to crop it first.

Anyways, this simple thread made me remember it, so I signed up so I can let you know.

EDIT: Here’s a picture of what I meant about his back being the only thing textured. I have textures turned off in ePSXe. Hope the image helps.

It’s Looks pretty darn Good if you ask me, Even thought I have no Idea how. It’s possible that you have to manually put the polygons together, Best of luck for you.

So I finally downloaded the Crash 1 rom. Here’s the textures I extracted from it. Since my previous post was of Crash 2/3, just deleting the whole thing out since this thread is for Crash 1. The textures were slightly different (less detailed.)

Here’s a texture sheet I made for you using Crash 1 textures. I still don’t know the correct vertex colors for the jeans, I thought I had them when extracting from Crash2/3, but they seemed too dull, so I now think they were part of some water texture.

Not sure what the three smaller textures are, they didn’t fit into his back texture (the larger square) at all.

You have done an excellent job and are contributing greatly, thank you very much.

I cannot see any photos that you have uploaded, so if you could possibly inbox them to me or reupload them for the rest of us to see, I’d greatly appreciate it.

It is great that you have managed to get hold of the textures as like I say, I have tried many ways and failed to make sense of what I was able to see. The method being using the NEXT3D Direct X 9 plugin for ePSXe and using TexMod to see the textures.

It is interesting how his back is the only thing that is textured, but from what I saw in TexMod, it all makes sense now.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Since I am the type of guy that’s strictly for public access, I’ll try finding another image hosting site. But I’ll also try inboxing you if it proves faster.

Yes, I totally agree with that. I use Imgur, that’s pretty decent.

Using Imgur. If it still doesn’t show, try right clicking and opening image/link in new tab. I’ll also supply a shot of Crash 1 with textures turned off. Perfectly shows just how solid the vertex colors are. The white polys on his body are where you need to map.





I will give it a lookover later, thanks. I must say though, I am no expert on mapping textures but will give this a shot.

If there is anyone who would like to try too, just PM me and I shall send you the files.

I wouldn’t mind looking them over and seeing what I can do. What format is the model in? I use Blender, so if it’s something I can import into there, I’ll try to get some work done on it.

If I get any progress, I’ll send you the results.

Edit: Now that I’ve thought more bout it, I am positive I can finish the texture work for you. Also, if you have any other models you can rip from the Crash games, I’ll see if I can get their textures. Might be able to give you enough content to post one of those lovely Release threads.

That sounds like a good idea. I will inbox you the link.

Just finished. The shoelaces gave me the toughest time, so I apologize for any ugliness around that area. Uses correct vertex colors and textures (all baked into one image.) Aside from the jaggedness of the shoelaces I feel pretty proud. I feel I’ve gained some needed experience with this. Who knows, I may end up working on it some more. But for now, hope you enjoy the result.

It’d look more accurate with PS1 resolution and lighting.

(Going to update the link soon with the new model.)

This is absolutely fantastic, I am not bothered about his shoelaces too much anyway. You have done a great job. If I get round to rigging him, you shall be credited.

I shall get on to finding more characters soon.

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Papu Papu anyone?

wow, thank you for porting me here. thats just what i was looking for
im interested, all of above posts are done in a day
i dont know why : / but i think Bandicoot models are more lovely’ maybe because of cool vertex colors which was forbidden in CTR.

thank you guys for developing this thread,Crash ps1 series are more memorable for peoples who realy love Crash.
there was a Big miss about ps1 models which i hope this thread will be fill that,
im here to help ; )

I have just extracted all the bosses and extra characters like Tawna and Aku Aku.

I have included them all inside this zip file:

If V7CaseyRoo could possibly do the honors with the texturing, we could be on to releasing a pack of Crash Bandicoot models soon :wink:

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Thanks for your kind words. It’s nice to see that our work pays off for other Crash Bandicoot fans. :smiley:

Also, feel free to have a crack at what I have uploaded so far of the rest of the characters if you like :slight_smile:

at last they are available! its hard to believing
in the past i spent much time for this job but i was unlucky
im thinking about rigging and animating them
but they are hardly lowpolygon and some of them was updated in bandicoot 2 and 3
there is also some relative models e.g crash spining model (im not sure its also a model or just some particles in crash bandicoot 1)
this pack will be greate if you attach some of enemies and animals like the Hog
and , may i link the crates to you for attaching them too, they are just textures mapped on simple boxes

I’m definitely on board to help out. I’ll go ahead and download them and see what I can do. If it’s a model pack to be planned, I’ll most likely share the progress images and just PM you the results so you can get the pack organized.

*Glad you liked the Crash model.

Sounds great, thanks for making this possible for me.

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I have the textures for the boxes as Friedslick6 ported them some time ago.

As for the Crash spinning model, I have seen that and can extract it, as it is a model from what it looks like.

As for the enemies and Hog, I have seen a good few enemies such as the turtles and spiders and such. I haven’t looked all the way through yet, but I am sure I will find the hog somewhere too.

I believe rigging and animating the models is a great idea too, however I cannot export any models from Crash 2 or 3 yet except for parts of levels (pretty useless atm). I do hope that the creator of CrashEdit will be able to update the utility eventually.