Crash bandicoot Twinsanity models

could some one please port some agdolls from the game Crash twinsanity thankyou.
and Dingodile

I don’t know about me being able to rig them however I maybe able to rip them from Crash Twinsanity in order for a rigger to have the models.

great I’m sure Someone will rig em. :buddy:

as much as i love crash i think this game in general is a let down… the models are ok but what the hell made them think of crash and cortex working together !!!

i support

Isn’t it a console game? or did i miss out the pc ver?

Yeah I’m pretty sure most crash games are console only as I’ve never seen one on pc

Yes but I have previously ripped ps2 models from Timesplitters. I will see sorry I haven’t responded in a bit just add me on steam : JustinTheEnd and remind me to do it.

Ragdoll of these characters would be nice.

Oh shit I forgot about this thread… Bump I guess.

I would like to see a Tawna raagdoll, too, please.

YES. SUPPORT. FULLY. Someone get them models, I will happily make them ragdolls when that happens!!

…I mean, bump?

Dayum I forgot I made this.

So um well the other thread was locked I guess we’ll use this one for updates on crash models then?

If that will make it easier to navigate then yeah I don’t mind posting updates in here.

Ok here is what was from the original thread that I have currently modeled:


I want these models.

'specially Cortex.

Um ok? Bump also

I support. Because I love this game and I would like to play around with these characters. The only flaw of the game is that Crash and Cortex is working together, but besides that, it was a good game.

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And I would also like to see Cortex’s niece in GMOD

I mean, BUMP.

That was an incredibly late bump, but yeah, I would definitely like to see these models moved across.

I used to love this game. Support.

i just have one question, anyone rip the models yet?

If there are models available for download then they can get rigged. And personally I’d like to see a working Crash Bandicoot Addon myself, even if I have to do the rigging myself.