Crash Dump, Help please.

Hello all, today Ive came here to ask you fellow facepunch members about my problem with my server.

I run a pretty popular server. (Dark RP flame me all you want)

and today Ive came across a interesting dump. can anyone explain to me why or how they **THINK **this is happening ? (Please don’t say its because of DarkRP. unless it truly is)

Link :

tankz gauis

Hello there, server owner of 4 servers, 2 of them coustom DarkRP, lua them myself.

Are you running it on ur server? Specs? And how long experience with servers do you have?

The modules are messing around on you.

I am a little confused at what you are saying. but I run a VPS, not from a gamehost.

Three full, dedicated HT CPU cores (Nehalem or better)
Three GB of Ram
Three TB of bandwidth.
Windows 2003 Server OS

And i have about a year of server experience.

What do you mean by the modules messing around? I am not sure i guess ? :S

How is this even possible

Engine crashed due to something being null. Only Garry or someone else with direct access to the engine can give you a definate answer.