Crash Dump Translation

Alright, well I’m in the works of solving some of my serious server crashes using and I can figure out all but this one:

It crops up several different crash dumps ( we have quite a few ) and I’m curious if anyone knows what would cause this.

Thanks for any help guys.

Are you using linux?

No this is a dump from our windows sql server 2007, running the source dedi for gmod.

I think it may be related to the console spam of (something along these lines):
VPhysics <class name> Ignoring Invalid Position 5676, 3423, -2342544

(The position and class name vary of course). This seems to happen shortly after something falls through the map. As of my last update I added a every-60sec-think to check for ents below -2000 and remove them.

Any thoughts?

I should note that this crash dump was before I applied my (hopefully working) 60sec-think fix.

The unreasonable position is being ignored when you get those errors, so it doesn’t cause issues. Also some of my crash dumps have this same error, it’s never very detailed for these pointer exceptions.