Crash every games created by Unity

I crashes almost everygame created by Unity , even my favorite game Rust . I can play another games as well , but game created by Unity , i can’t play it… I want play Rust so bad ! Please help me guys :frowning:

Maybe you should post that crash report.


Post your system specs. What Unity games can you run?

I didn’t know Unity was a company, I always believed it was a tool for creating games.

I can’t run any Unity games srsly , i don’t know why , even Unturned or stupid game i just created in Unity. So here is my system specs

And my videocard is NVIDIA Geforce GT 430

Have you done your Windows Updates?

Have you tried Rust after a full reboot without opening anything other than Steam?

I don’t done Windows Update yet? Do i need to turn on my Windows Update to update more stuff from Microsoft?

You mean you haven’t done Windows Updates since you installed Windows?

I think I’ve spotted your first problem…

That the problems , i just re-install my windows , i already install drivers , Window Update turn off by default , i just turn it on yesterday to find some update for chip drivers so i can fix the problem , but i can’t find anything except some update not need. Sorry for my bad english

Generally, windows updates are required to properly run. Windows Updates should actually be on by default, so you must have turned it off yourself.

Just do all the updates, and try again.

Thank you guys for helping me , i updated the windowed and it’s work for now , i can play game created by Unity .

Well, you went from Windows XP to Windows 7.

That wasn’t exactly what I meant by Windows Updates, but, you know what? It works.