Crash exploits

Got some guy joining my server under the name Red Arrow, and crashing it right away. His IP is
I have GM_Slog, is there anything else I could do to stop this?

Nice job on giving out his IP. You must feel so proud.

How do you even know hes crashing it?.

Because anyone whos played popular GMod communities knows that Green Arrow and Red Arrow are gigantic skiddie mingebags.

That’s such a lame reason.

Its a true reason.
I know its him crashing it because he’s joined 4ish times and everytime he joins it crashes. And its only him.

Just throwing in a quick suggestion, if GM_Slog doesn’t block the thinknow exploit, you could add a script in the server autorun with this:

CreateConVar( “npc_thinknow”, 1 )

Because Slog by default blocks every single known command out there.

It is worth updating slog.lua with your own commands.

This actually happened on GMR once. I just shrugged it off as a crash on join bug but now this? Hm. Anyone got his steam ID?

I’ve edited slog so it logs on connect ip steamid and name and command used ^^ the good thing about it is it adds it to the block list if they try to crash it.

in data/blocked/blockedlist.txt

Here’s Greenarrow’s steam ID if anyone wants it.
Yet to get his buttbuddy redarrow’s ID, but for now we have our servers patched.

I have this issue too. My listen server takes like 900 hours to start up. And once it does half the time some random person will join and my server will insta-crash.

Most people join and play and we are fine. Then somebody comes in and everything goes to hell / my server dies.

If you have crash dumps I can look into them, please send them to me:

I’ll let you know if I dump any crashes, sounds painful.

Anyway, is the crash dump displayed in the console?

Crash dumps are .mdmp files in the same folder as the executable of your server. The file contains information that can be used to fix the process crashing.

I’m guessing you run a sandbox server with lots of addons, right?

You are probably experiencing one of the various stringtable related crashes because of it being related to joining, the exploit that this topic is about would probably not be used on your sandbox server due to it not being really popular like some other servers.

Ive had this person join my server once, I believe if you hosted with xenon servers you can ban him by opening a ticket. Or manually ban him with, STEAM_0:1:14293896

Thats nice support having to submit a ticket just to ban a player

I think that he is referring to IP addresses. We block IPs via IPSEC and/or our hardware firewalls on request.


… I mean… Dynamic IP.:wotwot:

That would probably just be because of your internet connection/computer.

I bet you’re him…